Our Story

Meet Chris & Heather

Chris and Heather met in 1998, and became high school sweethearts. Married in 2002, they started a family. Originally, they worked in different careers in Dawson Creek, eventually even operating their own construction company, Terra Max Contracting. Throughout the years, they never let go of their dream of having a farm.

In their own words…

We both came from farming families. We felt that that was a lifestyle we wanted to provide for our children.

In 2005 we purchased a farm from a close family friend and ever since we have been growing and pursuing our dream of living a life involving agriculture. We started with a 1/2 section of hay land, and have steadily grown to approximately 2000 acres of owned and leased land. Our crops include forage, grains and legumes, cattle, pigs, and performance horses.

A Family Traditiongrandpa300x219

Great Grandpa Paradowski homesteaded this land in the 1930s. At Moat Farms, we feel privileged that our kids are the 5th generation to farm some of the land he cleared nearly a century ago. We are proud of our heritage and want to continue the farming tradition that began with him.

The farming lifestyle can be passed down to future generations. We aim to continue to grow our organic farming practices in a sustainable way, allowing us to pass down our traditions and healthy lifestyle for a long time to come. We are thankful for the opportunities our families have provided for us to learn about farming.

Going Organic

We chose to become certified organic for many reasons.  With a majority of our land draining into our existing dug out (from which we draw our drinking water) it didn’t take long to realize that we didn’t want any sort of chemicals flowing into our water with the spring run off. So with that thought, we decided to pursue the option of becoming certified organic farmers.  The more we questioned and researched where our food comes from, the more appreciation we gained about the benefits of being an organic farm.

We feel there is value in controlling the food you eat and what you put in your body. We also believe that food is your best medicine. Many of today’s illnesses can be traced back to improper eating habits, nutrient poor food, and chemicals in the things we eat.  As well, scientists have linked food grown with pesticides to diseases in humans and animals.

We are proud of our choice to farm organically, and it constantly challenges us to grow as farmers. We believe in doing all we can to build up the soil, and take care of our land so that it may take care of us and our children and future grandchildren for many years to come!

Belonging to a network of organic farmers has created amazing opportunities for us! Farmers within the network are very helpful and supportive, and experience is just a phone call away.

When we are not working on the farm, we enjoy spending time with our three children Rachel, Kerri and Jackson. As a family, we enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and traveling, as well competing with our horses.